Changes in Free offers at Casinos

As many users have gone first for the casinos which offered a no deposit bonus, they may be finding this to be slim pickings now since many of the online casinos have slowly moved away from giving away something totally free. It is a trend that happens every so many years where all casinos just follow suit with others. One of the main reasons for the change is that it is more difficult to stop fraud on mobile so the offers were only good for desktop users. When a player signed up using mobile device they would get upset because they were not allowed to claim the same bonus and were only given the option of a purchase deal. To avoid the confusion some of the casinos just took the offers of no deposit down so that no matter how you join you were given the same promotion. If they are ever able to monitor fraud on mobile devices they could bring back the free money but I wouldn’t count on that, and really the deals you get on deposit are a lot better with less restrictions.

People who thought that offers were great really didn’t understand how lame some were. I mean those free spins they give are basically a joke. Just a few penny’s per spins might yield you a whole couple bucks when you complete it.